Summer Bucket List
Summer Bucket List

Don't worry Moms and Dads, you're not the only one worried about Summer approaching! Yes, it's very exciting to spend more time with your young ones but it also means much more free time. Today we're giving you a fun way to make the most of Summer days.

Start by making a '2019 Summer Bucket List' with your children. You could make one for each child or one for the whole family and have children each submit ideas. Here's a few of our favorite bucket list ideas:

- Find the Popsicle Man 
- Drawing contest with sidewalk chalk
- Neighborhood Games (Tag, Hide & Seek, Baseball)
- Test out different city parks and find your favorite slide
- Read new books
- Cook a new recipe together as a family
- 'Mini Road Trip' road trip to a new spot in your city and learn something new about your history!
- Go to a local museum
- Rainy Day? Make a fort and watch a Disney movie marathon
- Do 100 cannonballs into the pool
- Go to the Drive-In Movies 
- Fly a Kite
- Make S'Mores
- Go on a Hike
- Have a BBQ
- Feed the Ducks
- Make a Slip n' Slide
- Catch Lightning Bugs 
Family bonding, healthy activities and children tired at the end of the day.. what more could you ask for?!