Potty Training Tips that Work So You Don’t To
Potty Training Tips that Work So You Don’t To

The dread and excitement that approaches with potty training is inevitable! You are so excited to teach your toddler something new, watch them hit a new milestone and take a step towards childhood but at the same time there is fear that they will never learn, frustration with the process and overall another stress added to your day. Don't worry we're right there with you and here to (hopefully) help the processes go a little smoother.

Today we are rounding up some tried and true tips and tricks that will help your little one out of diapers in no time!

-- Little ones can get a little too happy with the toilet paper roll causing for many clogged toilets. We love this trick from Today's the Best Day blog about creating a sign that shows how much toilet paper you actually need.

-- Mom & Dad's do enough cleaning as it is. For an easier clean up, place a coffee filter in your toddler's potty before they go!

-- If your toddler has to go on the go (like a road trip!), place a diaper in their potty and have them use the potty like normal, mess free clean up without confusing them.

-- Make it fun! Pick up books about potty training and have your toddler read along with you. Afterwards you can show them how it's done with their favorite stuffed animal and their (clean) kiddie's potty.

-- This potty training watch is a fun way and hassle free way to remind your kids when they need to go!

-- Make a sticker chart in the bathroom, let your toddler pick out stickers at the store and use one every time they use the potty! Once they receive a certain amount reward them with a small prize.

-- Designate a special 'potty area' and try not to move it around. Place a small basket next to it with toys, books, toilet paper and stickers to motivate them to use it!

Parents, we know your job isn't easy! We are here to help as much as possible and when all else fails, just remember how cute they are!