5 Fun Back to School Lunch Ideas
5 Fun Back to School Lunch Ideas

It's officially back to school season! We know we start out the year on a high note but soon the hustle and bustle sets in. Making lunches seems simple but we quickly get into the peanut butter and jelly rut! Here are 5 Fun Lunch Ideas to Try this School Year! 

  1. Sneak in some greens and jazz up that boxed pasta salad with this Cold Chicken Spinach Pasta Salad! You won't feel guilty about packing some in your lunch box too! 
  2. Taco Tuesday never looked better with these Make-Ahead Taco Sticks. Olé!
  3. Speaking of make-ahead delights (we all know that's a busy parent's dream!), check out these Make-Ahead French Dip Crescent Rolls
  4. Jazz up a classic with these Easy Oven Baked Ham Sandwiches. Back to school basics never looked so yummy. 
  5. Ready to teach your kids and preteens about packing their own lunch? Check out this Easy DIY Organic Lunch Packing Station. 
We hope you all have a great new school year!