5 Educational Apps for Children
5 Educational Apps for Children

We will admit it, sometimes parents need a break! Even if your child is very active sometimes car trips, rainy days or waiting for your table.. an iPad or smartphone can be a lifesaver.
Today we're sharing 5 apps that help your child stay quiet and happy when the situation is not in your favor! Don't worry, all the apps are educational so you don't have to feel too guilty. 

1. PBS Kid's Games -- This app will never bore your child. With over 50 free learning games filled with PBS characters, your child can learn more about math, science and more without even realizing it. 
2. Elmo Loves ABCs -- Full of videos, activities, and games, this educational app teaches your toddlers about sounds, letters, and words. Suggested for ages 2 - 5. 
3. Animatch -- Fun and easy, with a large navigation button perfect for your children, this app is simple and engaging. These puzzles can help develop cognitive skills, memory, and concentration. 
4. Endless Alphabet -- A very interactive app that helps teach children about the alphabet while building their vocabulary! Each word features an interactive puzzle game for hours of play. 
5. The Wheels on the Bus -- An all in one activity center app that introduces toddlers to different languages and instruments through songs!